2018 Hoops Officiating Clinic I
St. Louis Staff

The Hoops Officiating Staff is made up of good people all with high profile Officiating Resumes. They all are a product of this camp system and started out working High School Basketball in Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, Arkansas, Indiana and Kentucky. This group of clinicians are very successful on the floor and are great teachers of the game for the new and young officials. Their number one goal will be to make you better and create a great learning environment.

There will also be special guests throughout the weekend from MSHSAA and various assigning organizations.

  • Dillon Brasher: OVC and GLVC Official
  • Nathan Bemis: SEC, MVC Official
  • Matt Berry: GLVC, AMC Official
  • KB Burdett: SEC, MVC Official
  • Pat Burns: MSHSAA Rep, GLVC and AMC Official
  • Nathan Chitwood: Logistics Coordinator, MSHSAA Mechanics Instructor
  • Ed Crenshaw: A-10, MVC Tournament Official, GLVC
  • Bobby Daw: Big 10 Consortium, OVC, GLVC Official
  • Kevin Driver: MVC, OVC and GLVC Official
  • Keith Eisenbath: Video Coordinator, GLVC, AMC Official
  • Paul Fitzwater: GLVC, AMC, MSHSAA Official
  • Brad Fritsche: GLVC, AMC, OVC Official
  • Nate Green: NBA G League, SEC, ACC, AAC, A-10, GLVC Official
  • Gene Grimshaw: MVC Tournament Official, GLVC, AMC, OVC Official
  • Don Harris: Former GLVC Official, GLVC, SLIAC Observer
  • John Hendricks: OVC, Southland, SWAC, GLVC Official
  • Chris Kespohl: MVC, GLVC, AMC Official
  • Tyler Kumpf: Big 12, Big 10 Consortium, C-USA, OVC, GLVC Official
  • Ryan Odneal: MVC, GLVC, AMC Official
  • Gerry Pollard: Clinic Director, See Bio.
  • Terry Pollard: GLVC, AMC Official
  • Kenny Seifert: MSHSAA Asst. Director, GLVC, AMC Official
  • Owen Shortt: Big 12, SEC, Big 10 Consortium, GLVC Official
  • Shane Staggs: OVC, GLVC, AMC, MVC Official
  • Natalie Sago: NBA Official


  • Don Mauer: MSHSAA Assistant Executive Director
  • Greg Ransom: IAABO
  • Mark Probst: St. Louis Officials Association, Secretary/Treasurer of Suburban Conference in St. Louis.
  • Mark Halsell: IAABO
2018 Hoops Officiating Clinic II GLVC Clinic
Ft. Wayne Staff

The Hoops Officiating Clinic II staff is made up of quality people who have had success at the highest levels of officiating. Most of the clinicians are products of this camp system and continue to work in the GLVC and many Division 1 Leagues across the country. They will strive to teach you what it takes to work at the highest level.

  • Eric Anderson: West Coast Consortium, A-10, GLVC
  • Nathan Bemis: SEC, AAC, OVC, MVC, GLVC and AMC
  • Matt Berry: GLVC and AMC
  • Dennis Bracco: Former D1 Official now a GLVC Observer
  • Ford Branch Jr.: OVC, GLVC, AMC
  • Dillon Brasher: OVC, GLVC, AMC
  • Cody Crum: OVC, GLVC, AMC
  • Bobby Daw: Big 10 Consortium, C-USA, OVC, GLVC
  • Steve Divine: C-USA, OVC, GLVC
  • Dan Dorian: Big 10 Consortium, West Coast Consortium, GLVC
  • Brian Fitzgerald: GLVC, AMC, SLIAC
  • Brad Fritsche: OVC, GLVC, AMC
  • Nate Green: NBA G League, SEC, ACC, AAC, OVC and GLVC
  • Gary Hamilton: GLVC, Supervisor, Zebra Assigning Group, High School, Indianapolis and surrounding area.
  • Steve Honacki: Big 10 Consortium, OVC, GLVC
  • Bill Jacobson: AAC, C-USA, OVC, GLVC
  • Rob Kruger: West Coast Consortium, GLVC
  • Tyler Kumpf: Big 12, C-USA, Big 10 Consortium, AAC, OVC, GLVC
  • Bart Lenox: SEC, AAC, OVC, GLVC
  • Buddy Mayborg: Big 10 Consortium, GLVC
  • Ryan Odneal: MVC, OVC, GLVC, AMC
  • Don Olson: Clinic Logistics Coordinator, Big 10 Consortium, GLVC
  • Gerry Pollard: Clinic Director, See Bio.
  • Jerry Scherzinger: Big 10 Consortium, GLVC
  • Owen Shortt: Big 12, SEC, AAC, C-USA, Big 10 Consortium, Southland, GLVC
  • Clive Townsend: GLVC, AMC


  • J.D. Collins: NCAA National Coordinator of Officials
  • J.B Caldwell: NBA Referee Scouting Advisor